NiGEM Software

NiGEM is a quarterly model based on real economic data, not just theory. In development since 1987, NiGEM is fully windows compatible and seamlessly links with standard business software so you can create your own economic forecasts within a fully developed global macro model or analyse world events with custom scenarios and pre-defined wizards

NiGEM contains over 60 countries and regions, modelled using over 5,000 variables. NiGEM is trusted by over forty prestigious organisations including the IMF, OECD, BoE and ECB and is open and transparent to both academic and peer review.

    Every quarter subscribers recieve
  • Updated database (with data back to 1961)
  • Updated forecast projections (out to 2044)
  • The latest NIESR Economic Review with detailed forecasts of both UK and World economies, commentary on current issues and articles by NIESR researchers and external authors
  • Revised equations and country models
  • Interactive manuals detailing all data sources and equations used in NiGEM.
  • Subscription to the model includes
  • Free training at our regular workshops and access to all previous presentations on our model website
  • Direct access to the NiGEM forecasting team
  • Full acccess to NiGEM Data facilities
  • Notes for subscribers

    NiGEM is a available to companies and institutions only, not individual subscribers. There is currently no academic version of the model available, although this is under development

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