A transparent, peer reviewed quarterly global econometric model based on real economic data. Over 60 countries and regions modelled.

National Institute's Global Econometric Model

Analyse world events with custom or pre-defined scenarios

Create your own economic forecasts within a fully developed and integrated global macro model.

Flexibility to modify existing model or create your own countries and regions

Fully compatible with Microsoft windows

Full technical and economic support included as standard with monthly training workshops available free to subscribers

NiGEM is trusted by over forty prestigious organisations including the OECD, BoE and ECB and is open and transparent to both academic and peer review.

What's included

All countries and regions in NiGEM provide output for the leading indicators (GDP, inflation, imports, exports and the current account). Fully specified country models include disaggregated GDP, government and labour force while reduced-form models contain aggregated domestic demand and investment. Country models contain between 80 and 200 variables dependant on data and model structure used. The final model currently contains nearly 6000 variables and over 10,000 model equations in addition to full forecast tables which extend the range of variables provided.

NiGEM Variables (Word and Excel)